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Name: Diane Ferland

Title: Senior Accountant

Diane’s professional life took an important turn in 2002 when she began her career at Odem. At the time the team was small, so versatility was a must—everyone did a little bit of everything. First she was our administrative assistant and handled all of the accounting, but her initiative soon got her involved in the procurement of bee by-products. She is the one who set up the Honey Quality Control Department and she has also handled transport and logistics for the export of Canadian honey to Japan and Europe. These many different positions have given her a good view of Odem’s inner workings. As new team members came on board, she was assigned primarily to accounting matters, from entry verification to payments to collections. She now creates and optimizes the accounting entries while keeping the books organized. Her love for her work at Odem stems in large part from the team and the sense of solidarity and closeness they share. With a positive attitude and real dedication, she’s not the type to watch the clock.

Diane has a reputation for being meticulous, accessible and a perfectionist. An accounting expert armed with extensive experience, she also enjoys suggesting and implementing innovative solutions and new ways of doing things. She believes there is a solution to everything! The enthusiasm she brings to resolving technological challenges is also a major asset. Diane is versatile and always ready to help.


Name: Elise Gagnon

Title: CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Elise earned her degree in business administration at the Université de Montréal in 1984. The next year she moved to Toronto, where she added a graduate degree in international business. With these under her belt, she joined a small international trading company where she was in charge of food products such as fish, peat moss and...honey!

In 1989 Elise returned to Montreal and founded Odem International, a company that specializes in selling bulk raw honey and bee products. Odem’s annual honey volume is now about 30,000 metric tons (or 66 million pounds), placing it among the key players in the honey business.

At work, her positive energy is contagious. Her colleagues look up to her. She is a leader. Elise brings people together around Odem values: the belief that success in business is founded on transparency and integrity in our relationships with our customers and suppliers. She has developed special expertise in the international honey trade and aims to leverage this over the near term to position Odem as the leader in the specialty honey market, while continuing to offer unparalleled customer service.


Name: Johanne Baker

Title: Finance Controller

Johanne is Odem’s Finance Controller. “There’s a real human touch here that you rarely find in business,” she says. She’s known for her eagle eye that catches problems almost before they start, and for her elephant memory for numbers. She makes decisions quickly and confidently, keeping things moving forward briskly and efficiently.

Johanne has been with Odem since the very beginning in 1989. She has held every position from administration to traffic and logistics management and is now a shareholder and our Finance Controller.

Smiling, she says she plans to stay at Odem because she “enjoys being part of the company” and she loves that she can play an active role in the fantastic growth of the enterprise. This numbers expert has a wealth of experience in the honey market and is the go-to person for newcomers as they take their first steps in this new world. If something happens in the market, Johanne knows!


Name: Normand Bernier

Title: Executive Vice-President / Market Development

Normand Bernier came aboard Odem in 2011 with enthusiasm and drive. His goal was to make the most of his prior management experience driving change in a range of industries. An ambitious executive who combines an economics degree from McGill University with considerable experience in supply chains, Normand has made a successful career in the supply and sale of products in a variety of fields, including the beverage, baked goods, yeast and pharmaceutical industries.

Day to day, he oversees the bulk honey trading operations (procurement and sales). Normand also became a shareholder in Odem International when he joined the firm in September 2011.

Normand wants to continue to help Odem grow, following the same course charted for the current team by Elise, who has contributed so much to the industry and Odem’s success!


Name: Renee Gosselin

Title: By-product Sales and General Administrative Support

When you visit Odem, you are met with a warm and welcoming smile. That’s Renee. An artist and writer at heart, she takes great care with our correspondence and communications. And with more than 18 years’ experience in sales, she embodies the company’s mission: expert client service.

Renee also handles consumer sales of bee by-products—royal jelly, propolis and pollen—and is in charge of the reception, identification, and color and moisture testing procedures for the honey samples.


Name: Stephane Fumi

Title: Logistics, Transport and Quality Manager

Stephane’s professional goals are simple: to make innovation the norm at Odem and to improve the satisfaction of each of our partners every day. He joined Odem in 2012 as Logistics, Transport and Quality Manager, handling distribution, transport, customs regulations, imports and exports. He brings a degree in logistics and 10 years of experience in product distribution and the aviation industry to the team.

Stephane is a big proponent of adapting our customer service to the specific needs of each contact. He believes it’s important for business relationships to be as personalized as possible. With a reputation as a perfectionist and a master innovator, he’s always ready to improve efficiency and optimize processes for the benefit of our customers and business partners.


Name: Aleksandra Koleva

Title: Market Analyst and Traders Support

Aleksandra joined Odem in December 2011 as a market analyst. She holds a bachelor’s of business administration and has worked as an analyst in fields such as textiles, pharmaceuticals and the yeast industry. After many years collaborating with Normand Bernier, who is now Executive Vice-President at Odem, she decided to follow him here and be part of the dynamic team the company is so proud to call its own.

Amid its own rapid growth and an ever-changing industry, Odem relies on Aleksandra’s expertise to harness the tools it needs to be on the cutting edge of these changes. Her statistical analyses, in particular of the global market, allow us to track trends, make plans and consider future business decisions. Last but not least, Aleksandra also supports our traders.


Name: Yamna Madani

Title: Administrative Support Clerk


Name: Adamo Papa

Title: Trader


Name: Marie-Chantale Major

Title: Transport Coordinator

Providing exceptional service has always been a priority for Marie-Chantale. Odem International’s Transport Coordinator comes with 11 years of experience in air transport and customs logistics, which has proven essential in supporting the company’s steady growth. The international logistics of the honey business is a new and exciting challenge for her.

Always tuned in to our customers and suppliers, Marie-Chantale happily spends whatever time it takes to get things done right, despite the sometimes frenetic pace of the honey trade. She especially likes the warmth and trust that reign between Odem and our partners. As she puts it, "Big or small, supplier or customer, everyone receives the same service."


Name: Francis Dalpé

Title: Financial Director

Francis joined Odem in December 2013 as a Financial Director. Before joining our team, Francis evolved over 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to accumulating several years of experience and many achievements in finance, Francis is certified “Black Belt” in lean Six Sigma (continuous improvement) and has a solid experience in ERP system (implementation and management team).

Francis is a Chartered Professional Accountant. Throughout his career, he has been known for his dedication, integrity, analytical sense and respect for his colleagues.

Francis wants to use his energy & experience to help Odem grow and be more efficient.


Name: Sebastien Pou

Title: Manager – Specialty Honey

After earning a master’s in business and cultural exchange with Asia from the international business department of Université du Havre (France) in 1997, Sébastien set off for Japan to launch his career.

His kickoff experience was in semi-industrial baked goods, then in 2001 he joined a Japanese trading company to develop different agri-food business streams (grains, seafood) and, most importantly, to create a European bee products department based in France and the Netherlands for the firm. It was during this period that he first crossed paths with Odem, at a honey symposium in Vietnam.

Having risen to the position of assistant director of agri-food in the Paris office, Sébastien next decided to focus on apiculture, becoming the export director for a lab specializing in products that support bee health. In 2012 he again bumped into Odem and this time decided to join our energetic and specialized team.

Sébastien combines enthusiasm with rigor, transparency and expertise, and his rich market and bee-product knowledge will do much to support Odem’s continued expansion.


Name: Lucie Gauthier

Title: Logistic & Compliance Supervisor

Lucie joined Odem in October 2013 as a Logistic & Compliance Supervisor.

Motivated, determined and enthusiastic, she is someone who takes initiative and is results oriented. She thrives for new challenges and always wants to provide the best service possible.

Her 22 years of experience in Ocean, Rail and Trucking transportation on both sides of Manufacturing as well as Forwarding, will benefit Odem in developing a new approach in servicing suppliers and customers, providing them with solutions and bringing the service to another level.

Lucie’s goal is to continue working in the challenging world of Logistics, using her skills of communication and organization. Her work is her passion and she is always there to help her colleagues.